Enjoying your WASZP is a key priority.


Access to detailed written and video based tutorials on everything from initial assembly, through rig setup, launching and mode selection.


Extensive learning to foil resources will be available, with instruction from some of the world’s leading foilers.


Tuning and performance guides will get you up to speed and flying


A full spare parts inventory is available for replacements and upgrades
visit the WASZP web store


WASZP will provide a warranty on manufacturing or material defects for 24 months from the date of purchase giving you peace of mind.



File Version Link
WASZP Pre-flight Checks Version 1 - 2017-04-11 Download
WASZP Tuning Guide Version 1 - 2016-12-12 Download
WASZP Rigging Guide Version 2.3 - 2017-06-05 Download
WASZP Rope Kit Guide Version 5 - 2017-06-05 Download
WASZP Warranty Version 1 - 2016-07-16 Download
WASZP Warranty Claim Instructions Version 1 - 2016-11-25 Download
WASZP Parts Catalogue Version 1 - 2017-06-23 Download



A series of clips that show how to assemble, rig the control systems and give you a base set up of the WASZP.

These videos are only a small snapshot of the key steps in the rigging process and should be used in conjunction with the full rigging guide

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If you have a question, email


Q: Does the WASZP fit the Moth Class rules?

A: Yes, in race mode the WASZP will measure as a Moth and can be raced within the class rules.


Q: How long does it take to change from beginner to race mode?

A: About 15 mins, all you need is an allen key and the mode adjusters (both supplied).


Q: How long until I can foil?

A: Lots of variables at play but many can get up on the foils in their first session.


Q: Are you going to sell direct or through dealers? 

A: The distribution model is still being worked through. Currently all boats are shipping direct.

We will definitely have local support in markets but the form of this is still to be settled.


Q: Do you plan on doing any kind of road show to let sailors see the boat and take it for a test sail? 

A: Yes, there will be an ongoing demo program running in various countries. As at September 2016 we have demo boats in the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


Q: Do you plan on piggy-backing WASZP events on top of moth events or setting up a different, independent schedule?  

A: The medium term vision is to establish WASZP as an ISAF manufacturer controlled class - based on initial pre-orders we are well on the way to that goal in terms of numbers and geographic spread. So WASZP will certainly have an independent class organisation and racing schedule in the future.

Initially, piggybacking with Moth events could be an option but this would need unanimous support from the Moth Class. This conversation is yet to be had.

That said, a WASZP could race with the Moth class so long as it was registered as a Moth (so would mean amongst other things, having an assigned international Moth number and carrying the class logo on the sail, being measured, etc.). The owner would also need to join the relevant Moth association.


Q: How long does it take to get from all packed up in the box, assuming it comes with a shipping crate like many Moths do, to launching?   

A: The WASZP will be supplied in a wooden shipping box (a GRP travel box option is also available).

For the first time setup (assembling everything out of the box) – putting together the wings, tramps, etc. and getting all rigging sorted allow up to about eight hours, much less the second time.

Once this is done (one only time required unless you want to pull everything apart for travel) rigging time is about 10-15 minutes.