WASZP Production Slots Now Available

With the Southern Hemisphere season about to hit, you can order a WASZP production slot now.


The WASZP is US$ 10,500 complete plus US$ 1,100 delivery to most countries (excluding any import duties and local taxes)​

Package includes:

  • Complete WASZP - hull, wings, foils/tramps, control systems and rigging including ropes
  • Choice of 6.9 or 8.2 sq.m rig
  • 2 piece carbon mast
  • Adjustable aluminium boom
  • Ride height adjuster
  • GPS mount
  • Foil Covers
  • Trolley
  • Boat Cover

The WASZP includes everything you need to start sailing, just bring your life jacket, wetsuit and your sense of adventure.

At present, all WASZP’s are sold direct, with boats produced and shipped from the McConaghy factory in China.

If you are buying a WASZP in the USA, UK or Australia please contact the local agent direct as they have boats in stock ready to go!


With a dedicated boat ordering system, configuring and paying for your WASZP is quick and easy.


To buy a WASZP the steps are:

  1. Click the Buy a WASZP button – you will redirected and asked to login – existing KA customers can use their credentials. New customers will need to activate their account
  2. Enter the WASZP Configurator and choose the color options for hull, tramps and sail. You can add optional items such as a GRP shipping box
  3. Provide customer and shipping details
  4. Pay a $US 1,000 minimum deposit to activate a production slot.
  5. Boat will be scheduled for production – typical lead time is 3-5 weeks
  6. About 7 -10 days before being complete we will ask you to make a final payment
  7. You pay, your WASZP is released for shipment
  8. Boat is shipped to nominated address




Some things to know:



  • Typcial leadtime for proudction is 3 - 5 weeks from payment of deposit. Please check/confirm current leadtimes when ordering


  • The payment of your deposit confirms your intention to purchase a WASZP and we will schedule production based on the color options you provide

Indicative Shipping Process and Timeframe

Once boat is complete, packed and checked:

  • Leave Factory - > transport to HK (china export clearance) - typically 1-2 working days
  • Staging in HK -> freight forwarder organises scheduling for airfreight to destination country - typically 1-3 working days (some destinations it may take longer to schedule on a plane)
  • HK -> Destination -> shipping time typically 1-3 working days
  • Destination country -> customs clearance, local duties, etc - 2-3 working days

So ~ 8-10 working days all up to receive at the destination all going well.



  • The shipping charge includes transport from the factory, Chinese export customs charges, documentation fees and airfreight with transit insurance to the nearest major international airport that handle regular airfreight packages 3.5 metres long and of 1 cubic metre (size of WASZP shipping crate)

Customs Clearance, Local Taxes, Import Fees & Duties

  • Shipping does not include local taxes, customs clearance charges, import fees & duties which vary from country to country. These are calculated by local authorities and collected from you by them
  • In most countries you can expect to pay approximately USD $400 - $500 for customs clearance plus any local taxes, import duties and VAT/GST charges (if any) that are applicable in your jurisdiction
  • In Australia and the USA we provide customs clearance, import fees, duties and complimentary local delivery for a fixed fee


  • Transit Insurance is included with your shipping cost. This cover is inclusive of transport from the factory until it leaves our freight forwarders control
  • The terms of the transit insurance means that the moment you, your customs agent or your local transport company takes possession the insurance provided by our freight forwarder lapses
  • We strongly recommend that you arrange appropriate levels of insurance for your WASZP effective from when it leaves our forwarders control


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